Hyperwiser is in the business of

Information technology related infrastructure and solutions as a managed service
Continually seeking, acquiring and deploying the best of breed technology

With relentness focus on
Excellence in customer support, resource efficiency and reliable service delivery
Continually Promoting and Upholding
Ethical business practices and fairness in all transaction with employees, vendors, partners and customers.

Products and Solutions offered by HyperWiser include:
  • Dedicated, fully managed Physical and Virtual Servers
  • Total Infrastructure Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions including Remote Backup
  • Business Continuity and Workspace Recovery Solutions
  • Co-location Services
HyperWiser’s Offering of Services
  • Eliminates Capital Expenses
  • Increases Uptime and Efficiency
  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
  • Refreshes Infrastructure as required
  • Optimizes Server Capacity
  • Provides Disaster Recovery Options and
  • Fosters Environmental Friendliness