Strategic partnership established with Virtuize Inc.

HyperWiser and Virtuize have entered into strategic partnership to jointly offer virtualization technology and infrastructure solutions to mid-market and enterprise customers. Virtuize specializes in Virtualization, Cloud Computing and VDI Solutions, architecting vendor neutral platforms, tailored to meet business objectives.

Through this partnership, HyperWiser will be able to offer, virtualization and infrastructure consulting services to its mid-market and enterprise customers. Leveraging HyperWisers' infrastructure, Virtuize will offer IaaS solutions to its portfolio of customers.

"Both organizations will be able to leverage each other’s strengths to offer efficient infrastructure solutions that meet customer's requirements", said, Suren Lalapet, Principal Consultant and Co-founder of Virtuize.

Virtuize Inc, has offices in Dallas and Atlanta; HyperWiser has offices and datacenters in NY, NJ and Toronto. Virtuize specializes in all virtualization technologies and is a technology partner of VMware, Lanamark, Parallels, Embotics, Quest and Citrix.

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