HyperWiser is now a authorized VMware Service Provider

HyperWiser is proud to announce achieving ‘Professional’ status as one of the few select VMware Service Providers globally. With this recognized partnership in place, HyperWiser is in a position to deliver infrastructure on demand, facilitating and fulfilling infrastructure requirements of clients as needs arise.

HyperWiser, has datacenters in multiple locations across North America including New Jersey, New York, Florida and Ontario, Canada. From these PCI and SAS70 compliant datacenters, HyperWiser delivers enterprise class, high availability Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to small, mid-market and enterprise clients.

HyperWiser’s service offerings include on-demand Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, Dedicated Private Clouds, Disaster Recovery Solutions using Site Recovery Manager from VMware, Testing Lab Environments, Business Continuity Solutions, Remote Storage and Managed Hosting Solutions.

HyperWiser’s services result in Eliminating CAPEX, Increasing Operational Efficiency and Uptime, Lowering Total Cost of Ownership, Refreshing Technology as required, Optimizing Processing and Storage Capacity, Providing Simple DR and BC options and Fostering Environmental Friendliness.

For more information on HyperWiser please contact info@HyperWiser.com or call 646-442-5472