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Solutions Offered:
  • Dedicated Physical & Virtual Servers
  • 24x7 Fully Managed Servers and Storage
  • Customized Infrastructure Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Infrastructure On Demand (IOD) for Testing and Dev Environments
  • Remote Backup Services
  • Co-location Services

  • Affordable Enterprise Class Infrastructure:
  • Blade Centers, Blade Servers, Quad Core 1U Web and App Servers, Hex Core db Servers and more.
  • Enterprise Architecture with no Single Point of Failure; Redandancy factored in every turn.
  • 24x7 Monitoring and Pro-active Maintenance
  • Customized SLAs with transparent reporting mechanism

  • HyperWiser is now a authorized VMware Service Provider

    HyperWiser is proud to announce achieving ‘Professional’ status as one of the few select VMware Service Providers globally. With this recognized partnership in place, HyperWiser is in a position to deliver infrastructure on demand, facilitating and fulfilling infrastructure requirements of clients as needs arise.
    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) by HyperWiser

    Hosted & Managed Servers and Storage include:
  • IBM Blade Centers
  • HS21, HS22, LS22 and LS42 Blade Servers w/QC Processors
  • X3550 and X3650 1/2U Servers w/QC Processors
  • X3850 & X3950 Quad Core Quad Processor Servers
  • DS4700, DS4800 and XIV Storage from IBM
  • TS3100 and other Enterprise Tape Libraries
  • I/P/Z Series Servers
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