channel sales and partnership network ­­ reason #1 for HW´s success

HyperWiser continuously seeks to expand its partner network and its sales channel program aggressively. HyperWiser’s Channel Program for Technology Professionals, System Integrators, Consulting Service Providers, etc., is a powerful network that can benefit individuals and businesses in many ways. Reasons to partner with HyperWiser are too many to list!! Following are few reasons, why you should consider taking a partnership drive with HyperWiser:
  • Best of breed technologies and products deployed to build current infrastructure
  • Increase profitability while saving and optimizing IT infrastructure costs for Clients
  • Increase product offerings to Clients, especially service products and solutions
  • Establish and expand annuity revenue streams
  • Increase attach rates and stickiness to Customers, while increasing customer loyalty
  • Gain competitive advantage and outsell competition
  • Leverage HyperWiser’s network of Strategic and Technology Partners to provide additional services and solutions
  • Access to information, tools, etc., from HW’s Resource Library

HyperWiser is building a network of Strategic Partners with expertise in specific business verticals and various functional areas. In parallel HW is also building a network of Technology Partners. Referral and Reseller Partners will be able to leverage such networks and will be able to provide a wider offering of services and solutions to their clients without associated fixed costs.

HW Partner Network is classified into four categories: