Reseller Partners

Value Added Resellers can now offer reliable technology services from HyperWiser, enhancing their portfolio of offerings. Offer all solutions from HyperWiser including but not limited to:
  • Hosted & Managed Dedicated Physical Servers
  • Hosted & Managed Dedicated Virtual Servers
  • Customized Infrastructure Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Colocation Services
  • IOD (Infrastructure on Demand) for Development, Testing, Staging and Production Infrastructure
  • Increased product offerings from a reliable partner
  • Annuity revenue on closed opportunities
  • Opportunity to mine existing customers for more service business with annuity revenue streams
  • No cash investments required
What’s Required from Partners:
  • Identify opportunities and register with HyperWiser
  • Work with HW Operator to identify right solution
  • Estimate cost and add desired/optimal uplift
  • Close the opportunity and start annuity billing as the services are delivered.
  • Minimum commitments required.