Service Delivery

Regardless of the selected offerings, HyperWiser provides every customer with SLA based assured service delivery that includes:
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) support
  • On-demand real-time scalable infrastructure
  • Customized SLAs
  • Advanced Management and Monitoring of the infrastructure
  • Full visibility of the customer’s infrastructure performance and availability through customer portal
Sample Service Level Agreement (SLA):
A sample SLA is outlined below. This is just a sample only; each SLA is tailored to suit business requirements of the Client. Since business requirements vary, SLAs for each Client also varies accordingly. HyperWiser is capable of providing 24x7 monitoring and management services for almost all of various environments required by customers.

Category Description of Service Comments Terms
HW Network
Network Monitoring - General monitoring of internet access Incl. 24x7
Monitor Network Utilization Incl. 24x7
Traffic Pattern Monitoring Incl. 24x7
HW Security
Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention Services Incl. 24x7
Physical Security of Data Center & Surveilance Incl. 24x7
Bio Metric and Card Access Security Incl. 24x7
HW BackUp
Initial Setup and Configuring Incl.
Weekly full backup Incl. Weekly
Daily Differential Incl. Daily
1 month on-site retention Incl.
HW Bandwidth
Bandwidth Incl. TBD
Bandwidth>TBD Addl.
HW Server and OS Support
24x7x365 Support Incl. 24x7
Hardware Warranty Service Incl. 24x7
Port Monitoring & Alerts Incl. 24x7
Server Patching and Updates Incl. As Reqd.
HW DataBase Support
Monitoring - Service Uptime of DB Server Incl. 24x7
Establish regular database maintainance Incl.
Rapid response to monitoring alerts Incl. 24x7
Troubleshoot db connectivity & service issues Incl.
DBAs available on Time and Material Charges Addl.
Patching of Databases, individual db maintenance Addl.
Managed Back-Up agent for Databases Incl.
HW Fire Wall
Packet Inspection Incl. 24x7
Fully Managed 24x7 Monitoring & Rule Changes>TBD Incl. 24x7
HiW Hands and Eyes Services
Hands and Eyes Services Incl. 24x7
After hours emergencies only
HiW Platform Migration Services
Server Migration Addl. As Reqd.
Application Migration Addl. As Reqd.
Service Migration Addl. As Reqd.

HyperWiser team is staffed with professionals with experience in a wide variety of technologies, platforms and systems. Combining this with best of breed technology solutions, HW is able to maintain and exceed the SLAs with Clients…

HyperWiser supporting infrastructure 24x7 so that Clients can focus on their core business effectively